Poker With Kylie

Kylie wants to play a little poker. She is a very tough player, but she doesn't play for money. Losing to Kylie usually results in discomfort (or even pain). Can you take it? Or will you be lucky enough to win a hand or two. Either way, there is a big reward for those who can make it to the end. Are you man enough to stick it out?

Fun With Sarah

Sarah wants to play. She wants to play with you! If you are really good, she will allow you to have an orgasm when you are done. Wouldn't that be great? Well, she does have a few things she wants you to do for her first. But if you can manage to do everything she tells you, then you win!

Wendy's Challenge

Hi there, My name is Wendy and I have a real challenge for you. I call it my endurance test. I will ask you to stroke yourself in a number of different styles and speeds. If you think you are up to the challenge, then click the link below.

House Of Pleasure

You've been through the 'House of Pain' so now it's time you entered the 'House of Pleasure.' Another maze filled with women who want to give you all the pleasure you can stand... Maybe more. A maze of rooms filled with lovely ladies, each with their own idea of how best to tease you. Can you find your way to the end and get what's cumming to you? Be careful, each wrong turn means you will have to back-track until you find a new path to follow.

House Of Pain

Here is a challenging WebTease designed to test not only your stamina, but your wits as well. Be warned, it's not called “House of Pain” for nothing. You will need lots of equipment and intestinal fortitude to find your way to the proper exit. Yes, there is more than one way out of this House of Pain, but only one allows you a full orgasm. Can you find it? Or will you get lost? Or will you wimp out?
You will select the next Mistress you want to visit...

Kori's Strip

Hi, I'm Kori and I would Just love to strip for you. I promise to take off all my clothes and strike some sexy poses. All I ask in return is that you stroke your cock in whatever way I ask.

The only things you will need are some lubrication and a strong arm. Just click the link below to join me...

Anna's Workout

I want to take you on a journey through the world of edging. If you can hold out long enough, you will even get a chance to cum. Cum on, join me for some fun!

Edging With Kaylee

Kaylee wants to do a little strip tease for you, but in return she wants you to do some edging for her.

It won't be easy keeping up with her, but if you think you are up to the challenge, you're more than welcome to try. You will have to ruin some orgasms, but in the end, she will give you a chance for a full one. We wish you good luck. Just be honest, trying to continue after a failure will be difficult at best! Whether you are successful or not, you are sure to have fun!

Stroking With Penny

Penny is a beautiful Mistress who loves taking men right to the edge. She also loves to put them to the test. If you can pass her tests, you will have a chance for an orgasm. But I warn you, it won't be easy. However, you are on your honor. If you fail a test, click the “I Failed” link and try again another time.

Sample Webtease

This is a very short Webtease designed to give you the idea of how these things work.

There is even an alternate choice on one page so you can see how the participant can be guided through, punished, or sent to an alternate path.